This section presents the highlights and the most frequently used functions of Stamp Album Studio.

Layout Wizard

The Layout Wizard is often the fastest and easiest way to design your pages. The Layout Wizard will automatically position and align new stamps. The only thing you have to do is enter the sizes and the number of stamps you want to be drawn. The Layout Wizard will relieve you from the cumbersome and time consuming job of aligning stamps.
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Align Wizard

The Align Wizard can be used to reorder and align already positioned stamps on your page. If you prefer, the Layout Wizard can take into account the current row-orderering of the stamps during this process.
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Stamp Album Studio integrates with an online stamp catalog: Colnect. The Colnect website is an initiative supported by thousands of collectors world wide who keep track of their collections in an online database.

The Colnect stamp database currently (2016) contains almost 800.000 stamps!

With Stamp Album Studio you can search in this database to find your favorite stamps. Searching can be done on different criteria. Once you have found your stamps you can drag them directly from the catalog onto your page. Sizes and labels are added automatically!
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Scan and Analyse

With the function 'Scan and Analyse' you can place several stamps on your scanner at the same time. Then Stamp Album Studio will scan, separate and straighten the stamps fully automatically. You can position the stamps directly on your album page. Because of the fact that Stamp Album Studio has determined the size of the stamps it will also draw a frame around the stamp.
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Stamp Album Studio offers you the possibility to save the layout of a page into a template which can be reused in other pages and albums.
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Stamp shapes

With Stamp Album Studio you can draw the following stamp shapes:


The purpose of a border is mostly to group or emphasize a number of objects. For example a group of stamps with a common characteristic like a watermark can be surrounded by a border. Stamp Album Studio allows you to draw various border shapes. Examples:

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The purpose of a line is mostly to divide a page or beautify it. For example a horizontal line can divide the page in two parts. Stamps above the line have other characteristics than the stamps below the line.


Images can beautify a page and also clearify which stamps are drawn on a page.

Stamp Album Studio not only has the possibility to add images to stamps. It can also position images anywhere on a page. For example you can place your logo at the bottom of your pages or you can place a watermark in the background of your page.

Text labels

Stamp Album Studio offers you the possibility to add three text labels to your stamps. The location of the labels are above, inside or below the stamp.

Besides labels your can also add free texts to your page. A free text can be positioned anywhere on your page and has no relation to other objects. In addition, text object can be rotated in every angle:

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Snap lines

If you want to align an object to a snap line you only have to move the object towards the snap line. As soon as an object is near the snap line the object will be aligned to the snap line automatically. This is made visible by means of a red square:

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